Tea Merchants We Love

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to the tea you choose to brew the perfect cuppa.

Whether it's a strong cup of English Breakfast to start the day, a delicate green to power you through the afternoon or an interesting herbal blend to satisfy your sweet tooth, browse through the tea retailers loved by the High Tea Honeys and discover something new.

Harney & Sons

"Harney & Sons' remarkable array of teas are sourced from the finest tea gardens around the world and include pure teas, and blends like English Breakfast, usually a mix of Indian and Chinese black teas. In addition, there are flavoured teas like Paris and Hot Cinnamon. These have become enormously popular in recent years and are a specialty of Harney & Sons."

Why we love them Harney & Sons' Paris tea has a special place in my heart. Notes of vanilla, fruit and lemony bergamot makes Paris utterly indulgent.

Shop at http://www.harneyteas.co.nz/

High Tea with Harriet

Perth based tea company High Tea with Harriet is run by Denise and is a family-owned, artisan tea company, with a unique range of enticing teas.

I can personally vouch for the exquisite flavour combinations and it's no surprise High Tea with Harriet scooped up multiple awards at the 2018 Australian International Tea Expo - give the award winning blends a try.

Why we love them High Tea with Harriet's Rising Sun blend is refreshing and delicate and was a firm favourite among Honeys members. Also, the gorgeous brand and packaging wasn't lost on me - the designer in me is a sucker for a beautiful box of premium loose leaf.

Shop High Tea with Harriet premium teas here

Libertine Blends

Closer to home is Libertine Blends. Founded in Wellington, we love Libertine for their organic and unique blends, from Runaway Rose to my favourite - Exhale Detox tea, peppermint, liquorice and cinnamon offer natural sweetness to complement all of the amazing therapeutic benefits of six herbs that work to detoxify and tone the liver.

Shop at https://www.libertineblends.co.nz

Monista Tea Co

Established in 2018, Monista Tea Co. was born out of friendship and a passion for exploring the wonderful world of tea. Co-founders Christa and Monique, have harnessed their years of experience in design, branding and product development to create Monista Tea Co. a luxury tea company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Why we love them The packaging is stunning, perfect for gifting, and Amsterdam Breakfast is my new go to for a bright, morning pick-me-up

Shop at https://monistatea.com.au/ 

N&S Tea Merchants

Another tea company close to home, established in New Zealand in 2015 is N&S Tea Merchants. N&S is served by one of my local lunch spots and I adore the hearty English Breakfast blend.

"Sourcing our tea from the finest tea gardens in the world, we jumped past mass production teas to lovingly crafted, smooth and aromatic loose leaf tea. Our blends ensure not only flavour and quality but a feel-good factor too. A smooth cup of tea can enhance mood and give you a great start to the day."

Shop at https://www.nobleandsunday.com/

Posse Teevy Tea

"At the heart of Posse Teevy Tea is to be able to remind you that there is always something you can be thankful for. It can be the simplest of things such as family, friends, pets, or even the bright and pretty colours on our designs which, to me, translates to happiness and fun - just anything and everything around your five senses as you enjoy some time out to relax with your tea."

Why we love them On top of being locally founded and locally blended, for every item sold, a percentage goes to Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa (PADA) to support their good work.

Shop at https://www.posseteevytea.co.nz/

Ritual Tea Company

Ritual Tea Company, local to Wellington,  hand-blends organic teas and herbal infusions for people who are looking for a healthy way to relax, recharge and reconnect.

Ritual Tea Company's "Kitchen Table" black tea and the "Lay me down" chamomile and lavender blends are my pick of their beautiful selection.

Shop at https://ritualteacompany.co.nz

t Leaf T

Founded right here in New Zealand, t Leaf T offers an outstanding range of beautiful teas to satisfy the tastes of even the most refined and frequent tea drinker.

We love t Leaf T for their festive Christmas Tea blend to be enjoyed all year round - the scent of cloves, vanilla, and cardamom break through the flavoursome black tea base. t Leaf's creme brûlée tea is a favourite discovery of late and we always love a good strong cup of Wellington Breakfast, a nod to the home city of the High Tea Honeys.

Shop at https://www.tleaft.co.nz

Tea Total

Tea Total is a family owned Kiwi business established in 1995 and committed to ethically sourcing only the finest quality teas from the most reputable tea gardens from around the world. Having over 52 years combined experience in the 'Art of Tea'  they describe themselves as New Zealand's most innovative tea blenders.

Why we love them Otago Summer Fruit tea is a refreshing and unique blend for something a little different! Would be perfect over ice in the summer time too. 

Shop at https://www.teatotal.co.nz/

True North Teas

True North's carefully curated collection of single origin teas comes from the lush tea plantations of Sri Lanka. After visiting Old Ceylon's plantations, sourcing and tasting hundred of cups of tea, they picked the very best for their quality, flavour and aroma and bring them to you.

Why we love them True North Tea is served at the gorgeous Grace Patisserie. We love both the Caramel and Vanilla, and Chamomile Apple Spice blends.

Shop at https://truenorthteas.com/


Originating further afield, you will find TWG tea served alongside the finest, most elegant and luxurious afternoon teas.

Take note when we suggest you order Vanilla Bourbon, a red tea from South Africa blended with sweet vanilla TWG Tea. It is pure happiness in a cup.

Shop at https://twgtea.com/


"Zealong Tea Estate is the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand, producing 100% organic award-winning tea, and a world-leading destination for tea, art and hospitality"

The High Tea Honeys were treated to a tea tasting of Zealong teas. I personally love the Lady Gatsby blend from the Botanical Collection, an elegant, vibrant green tea blend with the floral notes of rose petal, the woody spice of manuka, and the lingering sweetness of cinnamon

Shop at https://zealong.com/