Memorable Moments with High Tea with Harriet

I fell head over tea leaves in virtual love with High Tea with Harriet when I stumbled across an article that introduced me to this range of artisanal tea. You just know when you know that you have found a brand that speaks to you - and this was before I had even tried it! My expectations were sky-high!

High Tea with Harriet is a family owned Australian business, founded by Amy, inspired by a love of the old world, of society afternoon teas of the late 19th century, of artists sharing a cup to discuss their latest work, of friends getting together to drink tea in colourful dresses and hats.

“Drinking great tea is like sipping elegance from a cup.”  - Harriet

It has been my absolute delight and pleasure to have hosted High Tea with Harriet tea tastings at High Tea Honeys Crafternoons and baking workshops the last couple of months.

I thought it only appropriate to not keep the secret of how good these teas really are to the select group of event attendees, and instead, highlight in my humble opinion, my top three choices of High Tea with Harriet teas that should make regular moments in your day into something to be revered.

1. Birthday Tea

It was only fitting to celebrate my birthday with a cup of High Tea with Harriet Birthday Tea. The description promised a lot -  a deliciously decadent chocolate and strawberry blend with creamy Ceylon tea, cacao pieces, strawberry pieces, white chocolate and everlasting flowers.

Sipping birthday tea is actually like a birthday party for your taste buds. Birthday tea is sweet, creamy, fruity - everything we love about celebrations. Try it for yourself to see and keep it in mind as the ultimate birthday gift for a tea lover in your life.

Shop Birthday Tea by High Tea with Harriet

2. Melbourne Moments

High Tea with Harriet describes Melbourne Moments tea as "Melbourne in a cup." I can attest to it being the strong cup of flavoured black you need to accompany a good gossip session and sweet treats - absolutely one my favourite ways to spend my time in Melbourne with girlfriends!

Melbourne Moments was the Gold medal winner at the 2018 Golden Leaf Awards, and it's no surprise really. With its chocolate and caramel notes, Melbourne Moments is bold, seductive and timeless.

Shop Melbourne Moments by High Tea with Harriet

3. Rising Sun

Now there is a reason that Rising Sun was a bronze medal winner at the 2018 Golden leaf awards. Our afternoon began with this tea being the lightest of the ones we would taste. The idea of beginning with a green tea wasn't something that particularly filled the room with excitement, and I made my way around the room pouring "just a taste, I'm not a big fan of green tea" into the cups of the High Tea Honeys.

Well, those pots were empty before you knew it as we reached for refill after refill until it was gone. Rising Sun's combination of Chinese Sencha green tea, pineapple pieces, Roman Chamomile, rose petals and marigold blossoms whisked us away to a tropical paradise, and transformed forever, our expectations of what a quality, well brewed cup of flavoured green tea should taste like.

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That's my round up of my top three High Tea with Harriet teas from those I have tried thus far. If you're coming along to any of our upcoming events, you'll get to discover new favourites alongside me. Take a look at what's on and head on over to give the High Tea Honeys a follow on Facebook to have a chance to win High Tea with Harriet tea again soon.

Samantha Howarth is the founder of the High Tea Honeys, a social afternoon tea group for women who are a little bit old fashioned at heart. After stumbling upon an article about High Tea with Harriet, Samantha requested the opportunity to introduce the range to you, as a member of the High Tea Honeys, through tasting events, giveaways and blog posts like this.