An Afternoon at The t-Lounge by Dilmah

Afternoon tea at The t-Lounge by Dilmah is a fun and wonderfully unique experience.

I had heard great things about what was on offer at The t-Lounge and on the day after that stormy Wellington winter day, a group of us rugged up and braved the weather to head into the centre of the city for afternoon tea. 

Upon arrival, we were served a cold passionfruit chamomile nitro tea. I had never actually heard about nitrogen infused tea before so this was a new experience for me which was a great way to start an afternoon. Have you tried it before? I enjoyed the creamy texture and would love to try some of the other flavours the t-Lounge has available.Once we were all settled, our drink orders were taken and there were many choose from. I was drawn to "Prince of Kandy" and was delighted to be served a pot full of loose leaf. You can expect a wonderful tea experience at The t-Lounge, with a timer to get hte brew time perfect before pouring.

I loved that the high tea served at The t-Lounge is heavily influenced by Sri Lankan cuisine. From the spicy jackfruit bruscetta (the star of the show for me!), to the soft cheese and curry leaf scone and the texture of the coconut crepe, it was wonderful to discover and delight in new flavour combinations.

I'm normally a major sweet tooth but on this occasion, the savoury items were really the stand outs. Special mention though, to the tea infused chocolate truffles by local handmade chocolate company Schoc Chocolates, spectacular!

The team at The t-Lounge were accommodating, attentive and knowledgeable. They took the time to take us through what the afternoon tea items were and made sure we were topped up with tea as the day wore on.

That's not all though - there was one more special treat to share with us, and that was one of their team performing a live demonstration of the process of making one of their signature hot beverages, T-Kitsch. If you're not familiar with T-Kitsch, it's tea with condensed milk and one of the Dilmah T-Kitsch flavours. It's a hot, frothy and delicious blend and there's quite the art (and entertainment factor) to preparing it. See it for yourself and read more about it here.

The unique aspects of the experience with nitro tea and T-Kitsch combined with the beautiful hospitality and new flavour combinations makes high tea at The t-Lounge by Dilmah Wellington one of my favourites to date. This is your recommendation to get along and try it. 

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